If you can dream it, you can do it!

Dear participants, after a hard work chipping and controlling the birds the first loft list is almost ready. After collecting about 3200 pigeons we are proud to announce this year orientation period was the best ever in Arona race. We are checking about 100 uncontrolled birds that we are looking for his owners. We hope to finish next week. An outstanding amount of near to 3100 pigeons are flying currently in Arona loft. The pigeons look in an excellent condition and 100% healthy. Congratulations to all participants from more than 30 countries will enjoy the 2017 race series in the unique reality show in racing pigeon sport named “Derby-ARONA”.

It always seems impossible until it’s done…

Loft list by countries: “CLICK HERE”

Loft list by pigeons: “CLICK HERE”