Report: Training Races 16 & 17


Another week in ARONA with the Final Island Training Races 16 & 17

It’s the start of another weeks training on the sunny island of Tenerife as we continue to make progress towards the most serious part of the series of this year’s Derby AronaTenerife One Loft Race with the first Hotspot race known as the Survival race  fromGran Canaria on the horizon.

Before this however there’s the final two outings from the north of Tenerife with the first being training race 16 from the now familiar distance of 70klm,with the decision to remove sea liberations this year due to restricted ferry availability it is felt with theadditional training implemented from the north this year will prepare the entries for future weeks.

With the 1296 pigeons that have completed a testing fifteen previous training flights on site Abel liberated at 12.15 into broken cloud a light northerly breeze coming in off the Atlantic and a slightly cooler day than normal as temperatures of drop to a mild 14 degrees.

Team JIV Norway 1st International Derby Arona tr16 with pigeon “Burbuja”

Taking top honours of 1st International tr16 we see Team JIV from Norway at the top of the sheet as their entry “Burbuja” timed in on,this we see looking over the past weeks has been one of the most consistent pigeons in the race so far this year with many top 100 positions and on times heading the Sprint averages on two occasions,in the runner up position we see Team Kelvin Young from England in amongst the leaders with pigeon “Darwin”making steady progress over the past weeks training and as such taking the Top UK honours today with a time of, Team P-S-S-S from Belgium timed in pigeon “Jan 439” for 3rd International backing up its recent 7th position in training race 15,team Netherlands take 4th today as Team Visser&Toom see’s pigeon “Vesta” in the clock on, followed by team Slovakia,who take the 5thInternational position with pigeon “PrinceX” timing in on, for 6th we see Paul Bamford from Wales with another of his team making a Top position following his recent 1st International win with pigeon “Cocky” timing in at,Team LeyenKarel- Jan Racing from Belgium claims 7th International as there entry “Boy-Son” takes another Top position today timing in on And with such leaving team Czech Republic to take 8th as pigeon “HariOt” crosses the line on for Team FamilieKaras Antonin, Team Krajcik Daniel & Andrea record the second arrival for Slovakia as they see their entry “ADK 59” for 9th on leaving the Belgium P-S-S-S to see their second arrival “Jan 910” and a third for team Belgium taking the 10th place on

Team Kelvin Young 1st England 2nd International tr16 with pigeon “Darwin”

With this being the fourth time the pigeons had been released from this site they are now seen to be improving on each occation however on times the weather hasn’t been its best in the Canary islands over the past week or so with the north of Tenerife being well known for experiencing more rain than the south this we believe could be one of the many reasons why we`reseeing gaps in the returns back at the lofts in the south.

Team P-S-S-S Belgium 3rd International tr16 with pigeon “Jan439”

With many pigeons in the loft shortly after the first batch arrivals continued to come throughout   the remainder of the afternoon and by nightfall a respectable 1.227 pigeons were safely perched.

As always in Arona we also look forward in seeing how many pigeons that experienced the night out come through the following morning with the clock running during day two we seen the first arrival for Team Moor from Belgium the first to come at 08.20 this again started a steady flow of returns during thesecond day with the race finishing with a further six arrivals on day three a total of 1.256 pigeons 96.91% had safely returned.

Friday 26th Feb at were preparing ourselves for the final island training flight again from 70 klm before we make a step across the Atlantic to the neighbouring island of Gran Canariafor the testing survival race.

Team MonickNys pigeon, Belgium 1stInternational tr17 with pigeon “Fara”

With 1.256 pigeons loaded it was again the journey north along the tr1 to the northern liberation site for the final time during this phase of the training programme with a light 15klm wind and variable cloud cover darker with the threat of rain at times high up in the mountain regions.

With a liberation at 11.35 and with no reports of any issues following the liberation it was a different story back at the loft as the team were experiencing some technical difficulties in regards to server used for the livestream cutting off on times,but regardless of such we sat patiently for the first arrivals at the home end taking the honour of 1stInternational tr 17 we see team Belgium at the Top of the result with Team MonickNys pigeon timing in pigeon “Fara”  on following a flying time of 1hr 5 min,team Austria claim todays runner up position with pigeon “Nevera” making its second appearance in the Top Ten for Team Kutlesa, on Team Frits Paulssen  fromThe Netherlands seen his entry “Robien 2” coming in on for 3rd International, resulting in the Welsh Team of Men of Gwent who take the TopUK honours on this occation in 4th with pigeon “Stevies back” timing in on

Pigeon “Nevara” 2nd International tr17 for Team Kutlesa, Austria

Team Visser&Middlekoop from The Netherlands record the second Dutch arrival as pigeon “Gordo” claims 5th International with a time of,a third Netherlands arrival claims 6th International as Team Bustraan,Bosse&Hoondert and pigeon “Secial One” recorded its return with, Team Krajcik Daniel &Andrea from Slovakia maintain another top flight position again today as they see another of their entries “ADK 57” homing for 7thInternational,we head far west across the Atlantic Ocean for 8th International as we see the USA Team Black Gold coming in with the arrival of pigeon “Jelle” making its sixth appearance in the Top Ten over the recent training flights on a time of, team Germany make a Top Ten appearance today as Team Dieter Siebert& Chen Yue claim 9th place with their pigeon “Conrado” timing in at, Team EvinPeter & Noemi from Slovakia round of today’s high flyers claiming 10th as there entry “NKA 512” comes in on

Pigeon “Robian 2”, 3rd International tr17 for Team Frits Paulssen (Netherlands)

With darkening clouds appearing to the north visible via the livestream it was once again a pleasing sight to see many returns coming through both as a batch and individuals proving once again the hard training programme introduced this year and all  the hard work put in by the team is paying off as day one drawn to a close 1.163 pigeons had returned from the 1.256 liberated resulting in 93 birds adrift as night fell on the island however with more hopefully coming through the following morning the number would increase.

Day 2 and as morning came and the sun rose,the loft seen its first arrival of the day shortly after 8am as Team Triple L from Scotland seen the arrival of pigeon “Mason” just before 8am this again was followed by several pigeons homing in on the loft as the day went on as again the team and participants welcomed each and every one of these pigeons and by doing so seen the returns rise to 1.210,96.33%

Team Men of Gwent 1stUK 4thInternational tr17 with pigeon “Stevies back”

With island training completed,we can know look forward to the next event which is planned from the neighbouring island of Gran Canaria for the first Hotspot race of the series,a race and distance of approx. 100klm that over past years has claimed a large percentage of the birds liberated due to the fear of not wanting to fly over the open seas that lays before them,but as were all aware this race plays a major part in the programme that has to be faced many times in the future leading up to the Final Race. We also have the hidden unknown as this year for the first time in the Derby Arona history they have had to step from one island to another without any sea liberations but with the intense training programme that the team have introduced this year and the right day the birds will gather momentum over the island of Gran Canariaand come across unscathed.

Pigeon “Super Boy” (and its progress chart) current leader of the King of Sprint Averages

As always at the end of each week we take a look at the King of Sprint Averages and once again with a further two training flights completed its all changed once again,in Top Spot we see The Netherlands entry of “Super Boy” for Team Bustraan,Bosse&Hoondert on 23.604pts, Team JIV from Norway return to the top three into 2nd  with pigeon “Burbuja” on 23.457 pts with Team Holland & Stubbs from England move into 3rd with pigeon “Jim” on 23.105pts,with the averages shuffling around in these early training races we now see the launch of the King of the Atlantic,this is a competition based on positions taken from all races that include the return flight over the Atlantic through to the Final Race.

With the Final Race in mind on March 26th, we see on social media that the Corona virus level on the island of Tenerife has dropped from level 4 to level 3,this pattern we hope will continue over the next few weeks and all the plans that the team have for its competitors on the island during finals week can go ahead restriction free.

Derby Arona