Report: A busy week in Arona with Training Races 10, 11 & 12


Its proving to be a busy week in Arona as the team plan to maneuver around the ever changing weather patterns to get in a few training flights over the coming days, the first was on the Monday, with training Race 10 located on the southern end of the Güimar Valley a distance of 35 klm, with a 23 klm east wind and variable cloud Abel got his convoy of 1739 pigeons away at 11.45 with interest clearly showing with many now joining us through the livestream feed we sat and waited for the first sightings of pigeons on their approach.

Pigeon “Frans 1”… 1st International Derby Arona tr 10 Team Frapejo’s Belgium

Taking the honor of 1st International Derby Arona tr 10, with an arrival time of we go to an congratulate team Belgium with Team frapejo`s entry “Frans 1”, close neighbors The Netherlands take todays runner up position with 2nd International with Team Soepboer and pigeon “Wandi” recording its arrival just decimals behind the winner to record, team UK & Ireland takes 3rd Spot with Team Highway lofts representing Ireland coming in with pigeon “Celtic Kiera,s Pe” timing in on, just piping in front of team England who recorded two arrivals the first in 4th goes to Team Top Wing with pigeon “Chris’s Girl” on followed up by the Murray & Mills syndicate claiming the 5th Spot with their entry “Cast No Shadow” timing in on, The Netherlands claim their second Top Ten arrival as Team Frits Paulssen, entry “Frits” comes in at 6th with a time of, Team Buyl & Howell from Belgium takes 7th Spot with their pigeon  “Ruby Tuesday” timing in on, we head back to the UK for 8th as the Men of Gwent Syn from Wales, entry “Bijou” comes in at 8th with a time, team Netherlands secure 9th Spot with their third arrival with Team Van der Heide & de Vries with pigeon “Chicho” on, resulting in team England and the Tinks Treasures Syn timing in pigeon “Rosie” in 10th with a time of

Team Soepboer (Netherlands) 2nd International Derby Arona tr 10 pigeon “Wandi”

Following such a close finish with over 200 hundred pigeons were recorded within the first minute, pleasingly the returns continued to come at regular intervals during the remainder of the afternoon with the last day pigeon arriving just as the last bit of light faded at 18.43 giving 1685 pigeons perched as we end day one.

Day 2 and as such is the pattern this year in regards to numbers missing from day 1 at first light the loft witnessed pigeons returning shortly after 07:00 this continued throughout the day as by midday 34 pigeons had recorded their arrival and with more coming in during the afternoon the final number of returns had increased to 1724, from the 1739 at percentage of 99.13%

Mike & Beryl Woodyard, Ireland 3rd International tr 10 with pigeon “Celtic Kiera,s Pe

With the poor weather that was forecasted avoiding the islands the team made the decision on to go again on the Wednesday, with a slight increase in distance into the heart of the Güimar Valley a point approx 40 klm that over the years the inmates have seemed to have problems with as it bears a few hidden surprises with the peregrine population and the high rise in volcanic mountain regions, but unfortunately it’s the Valley that stands between the north and south of the island and therefore as a straight line of flight it’s a route that they will face in future training races from the north.

With 1723 birds basketed and on site the strings were cut and birds away at 11.15 into light westerly head wind and a moderate 22 degrees and broken clouds.

Following the liberation we heard reports that the whilst the pigeons were orientating a large batch had been seen making their way down the Valley leaving a few smaller batches heading in an alternative line, indicating the returns could be well split at the home end.

Team Neirynck & Pere et fils, Belgium and pigeon “Rambo 2” 1st International tr 11

Taking Top honors once again we see team Belgium retaining the title of 1st International as Team Neirynck & Pere et fils and pigeon “Rambo 2” with a winning time of, team Slovakia sees Team Sadlak Vendelin & Andrej having a good race timing two of their entries for 2nd and 3rd International with pigeons “Hestia” on followed up by pigeon “Zeus” at, Team Milly’s Loft take 1st UK presenting England with Milly’s Loft entry “Dream Big Milly” in 4th with a time of, Team JIV from Norway takes 5th International with their pigeon “Oedipus” recording its time of, its a second arrival for team Belgium who take 6th as Team De Moor timed in their entry “Jack” with a time of as such resulting in 7th going to The Netherlands who are once again in the Top flight as Team Elbertsen & Schenk takes the Dutch honor’s with pigeon “Elisa S” in the clock on, for 8th we head west across the Atlantic to the USA were we see Team Madison Lofts seeing the arrival ”De Rauw Flier” coming through on, Team Blaydon Racers from England take the 9th position as we see pigeon “Tango” on the clock on followed by Team Knol Pigeons from The Netherlands taking the 10th place with pigeon “Felix” on

Team Sadlak Vendelin & Andrej 2nd and 3rd International tr 11 with pigeons “Hestia” & “Zeus”

As we predicted following the liberation update, the returns were well split and although the leaders made light work of the journey pigeons and were returning at regular intervals there was a steady flow of pigeons returning throughout the remainder of the day and as such 1545 pigeons were home by nightfall.

Day 2 and with the fortune of another nice morning in Tenerife this enabled the pigeons that made a mistake the day prior enabling them to correct themselves and make their way through as the first arrival recorded its return shortly after 8 am, it was a continuous pattern as a further 30 or so pigeons had homed added to these a few on day three this brought the returns up to 1581 with a 91.75%

Team Milly’s Loft 1st England 4th International tr 11 with “Dream Big Milly”

It’s Friday and the Arona Team have truly worked the birds this week with the third training flight of the week from a distance of 50 klm, meaning we were now clear of the Güimar Valley at a point not too far from the port of Santa Cruz from where the birds will head out to sea in the coming week or so.

With 1.581 birds on board the team set off arriving on site just before noon and after allowing a period for the birds to rest Abel cut the strings at 12.30 into a light NNE wind with the temperature a customary 22 degrees with light broken skies.

Pigeon “Leni” (non-activated) 1st arrival from tr12

With no problems reported following the liberation and with numbers now increasing on the livestream and social media sites watching the race, we sat patiently for the first sighting of pigeons on approach, with time ticking by and considering the problems the birds had overcome on the previous outings flying the Güimar Valley, it was pleasing to see the arrivals of the first batch of approx. 100 pigeons racing to the loft and hitting the board and swiftly trapping.

Paul & Christine Titcomb, England 1st International Derby Arona tr 12 with pigeon “Weimann”

First over the line with a time of was pigeon named “Leni” bred by the Canary Islands breeding centre, unfortunately one of the team of unactivated Venture pigeons during the activation period, as stated these pigeons will continue to be trained with the racers for the continuous future as they will come into play following the future survival race as free replacements to teams suffering severe losses.

With that said, by the point of default this then seen the first race entry and the honor of 1st England 1st UKk 1st international Derby Arona tr 12 going to the husband and wife Team of Paul & Christine Titcomb making a swift return to the top flight with another of their entries “Weimann” timing in on, taking 2nd International we see Team Kutlesa representing Austria with pigeon “Nevera” in the clock with a time of, team Scotland take 3rd International as Team William Donachie continues to enjoy this year’s series with his entry “Silver Streak” on this occasion making its second appearance in the Top Ten taking 3rd timing in on, team Belgium take 4th International as pigeon “Omie” for Team Quix Jos Super on, Team Frits Paulssen from The Netherlands timed in his entry “Bert 1” for 5th on 13,19,17.90, whilst team Belgium record two further arrivals in 6th and 8th with Team G.V.J. Belgium’s pigeon “DVC 102” coming in on followed by Team Leyen Karel – Jan Racing with pigeon “Boy-Son” on, these were split by team Germany, Hendrik Wilpers taking 7th with pigeon “Maite” in on, team England go on to time in their second arrival as the Team Holland & Stubbs claim 9th with their pigeon “Jim” in at 13.19.18 50, leaving Team Evin Peter & Noemi to take todays 10th Spot with pigeon “NKA 512” on

Pigeon “Nevera” (Austria) 2nd International tr 12 for Team Kutlesa

Today was one of those day that you could just sit back and watch pigeons returning as it was a pleasure to see a continuous flow of pigeons coming in and instantly trapping a credit to Abel and the loft team on the preparation and management of the pigeons, as within ten minutes of the first pigeon timing in some 650 pigeons were on the clock and ten minutes on over 1000 were home etc. a pattern that continued throughout the afternoon leaving just 100 pigeons adrift as  the sun went down on day 1 of today’s flight.

Team William Donachie, Scotland 3rd International tr 12 with pigeon “Silver Streak”

Day 2 and again with clear skies and the expectation now of these well worked and experienced pigeons working in again we see a flurry of pigeons correcting whatever mistake they made the day before arriving at the loft just after 8 am and as such at the end of day two 1,521 96.3% pigeons were recorded.

Pigeon Lady John current leader of the King of Sprint Averages for Team Bustraan, Bosse & Hoondert, Netherlands

At the end of another week somewhat a busy one with three training flights completed this without saying would have an impact on the King of Sprint Averages leader board, as we look at the leaders we see Team Bustrann, Bosse & Hoondert from The Netherlands with pigeon “Lady John” on 17.878 pts in 2nd we have Team Norway with pigeon “Burbuja” for Team JIV on 17.823 pts and in 3rd there’s the local entrant from Tenerife Team Agache with pigeon named “Agache” on 17.684 pts.

A satellite view of the Atlantic Ocean flight path between islands in the coming days

With the island training programed coming into its final stages and the outlook towards the Hotspot races, the team have come up with a shedule of Monday and Thursdays training with tr 13 being the next from 60 klm followed by Sea Race 1 just off the shores of Tenerife on the Thursday, the following Monday they set to go to the north of Tenerife some 70 klm backed up by Sea Race 2 just over halfway across between the islands on the Thursday, this then will see us facing the first Hotspot Race (Survival Race) from Gran Canaria the following week.

Derby Arona